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DFGN.R Organization

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Design Factory Global Network

DFGN is a network of 38 design factories in different universities and research institutions, located in 26 countries on 5 continents. Each design factory is a unique innovation hub and experimentation platform, driving change in its own institution as well as in its environment. In the DFGN we have a hypothesis that design factories, innovation hubs and similar nuclei of innovation ecosystems may strengthen the industry landscape of the region. Our vision is to amplify the resilience of those landscapes by increasing both the diversity and the skills needed to operate in those evolving environments. Our aim is to enable serendipitous interactions between different stakeholders, bringing together research, education, and business practitioners, and creating a new learning culture and opportunities for continuous development. For more information, you can visit:

Aalto University Design Factory

Aalto Design Factory (ADF) is a part of the department of mechanical engineering at Aalto University. ADF is an interdisciplinary product design and learning hub uniting students, teachers, researchers, and industry. We aim to build a new kind of passion-based learning culture for Aalto University. Several courses are held in the ADF, and it is also the base for many research groups and projects as well as startup and sponsor companies. The architecture and activities are designed to support collaboration between students, researchers, and companies. For more information, you can visit:

Future Design Factory and NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

The Future Design Factory is part of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. It is concerned with issues of the future and seeks solutions for Rural Design. These solutions we create with teams of students, creative experts, researchers, research institutions and companies. Our method of Design Thinking generates new knowledge and skills, in addition to concrete solutions. Our approach contributes to regional business, economic strength, and jobs. Student cooperate in interdisciplinary teams, with students from different educational institutes, working on real assignments. The Future Design Factory is located in the former Blokhuispoort prison in the centre of Leeuwarden. For more information, you can visit: Frisian Design Factory

CERN IdeaSquare Journal of experimental innovation

CIJ is a research journal that publishes results of empirical research on the practice of strategic technology and innovation management. CIJ is a multi-disciplinary, open online journal that is devoted to the latest research and theory development in in-situ innovation experimentation, strategic innovation management, knowledge exchange and management, and innovation policy issues in cross-sections of science, technology, innovation, and business. The intent of CIJ is to be intellectually challenging providing evidence-based results that guide decision-making in managing innovations. The CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation (CIJ) is targeted at communicating thought-provoking, contemporary, and latest findings in experimental innovation research. Click here for additional information:

International Design Factory Week

The DFGN.R Conference 2022 is organized alongside the International Design Factory Week 2022 (IDFW). IDFW is a one-week-long event where two representatives from every DF gather to get to know each other, share best practices, and plan for collaborations. Through workshops and collaborative working sessions, the participants refuel and expand their professional toolboxes and strengthen their ties with educational change-makers around the world. The IDFW is a closed event where two representatives from each DF are invited to gather around one table. 

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